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Rich & Kristy Smith

NEW ADDRESS:  3761 Criswell Dr.
Columbus, OH 43220
in Upper Arlington
near OSU Golf Course and the 
Kenney/McCoy intersection
(easy to get to from 315, 
Henderson or Bethel Roads 
and Olentangy River Road)


         614-519-0678 &

           ***** COVID Update: *****
CollegeSmiths BEST ACT/SAT Prep is on hold, like the rest of the world!  SAT has delayed its testing schedule until late summer (at least) or early fall, and
we are unsure just how things will work out with ACT with their planned summer schedule (we’re guessing it will also get pushed back). We have decided to push our test prep schedule back somewhat as well.

We are waiting to see how the world responds to the upcoming “re-openings,” and where things stand with the pandemic by summer.  While we won’t likely be doing individual sessions any time soon, we hope to offer some small group programs in June or July in our home with obvious safeguards (distancing, “excessive” cleaning, etc.)  We are currently planning our Monday evening program in June and later in summer with a tweaked time schedule.  Like the rest of the world, everything can change.  Watch this website for updates.  We are also considering summer and/or fall Zoom sessions if the virus so dictates. 

While the classes of 2020 and 2021 are being “slammed” by this whole ordeal, we hope (and believe) most colleges will provide considerable leeway with regard to things like test scores, application processes, etc.  We also hope (and believe) fall testing and application options will help students make up for lost time. 

Please feel free to contact us, as we are here to help, but also remember, ACT/SAT and the colleges need you even more than you need them, so don’t panic.

Award-winning College Counselors
over 60+ years combined counseling experience
& over 30+ years 
of test prep experience


Announcing 5 GREAT Options for


Choose the one that’s best for YOU.

All 3 options contain the same great info and materials.  The differences are the number of students involved, location, timing and the cost.

Why pay more (in many cases MUCH more) and get lower quality prep?  All of our sessions are conducted by Rich and Kristy (professionals with over 3 decades of experience) and teach what you need to know to be successful on the ACT.  

We do not use other, less qualified instructors, require contracts or stretch things out, so we can charge you more. 
Higher cost elsewhere does NOT mean higher quality! 


Our Second ZOOM ACT Workshop

Tentatively set for 

4 Mondays Aug. 3-24

6 pm - 7:30

Space limited - Sign up now

1.  "Monday" ACT Small-group 

on 4 consecutive Mondays 

Register by sending an email and a check. 
$219 for the series.

Other Tentative 2020 Dates
(watch for updates and details):
Sept 14 - Oct 5
Nov 2-23

Jan 4-25
Mar 1-22
May 3-24
June 7-28


2. Weekend ACT Small-groups

(Watch for updates

in our home or via ZOOM - tba 
on 2 weekend days (Sat/Sun or Sun/Sun) 

Register by sending an email and a check. 
$219 for the series.

 1-4 pm


 3. Individual ACT or SAT Tutoring         
***Also ON HOLD*** 

When they resume,
they will be held in our home or via ZOOM
on mutually agreed upon dates
(6 - 7:30+ pm Tues-Fri
and some weekend mornings)

Schedule via phone
Then, send the email.

  $110 per session 
(cash or check at each session)

Students usually schedule 1 individual session
    for each section of the test, but you may select 
    only certain sections if desired.

    What We Teach:

  • We have studied dozens of tests and know what you need to be “good at” and that is what we teach. 
  • We are trying to help you “beat the ACT.”  
  • You will need to practice what we have taught you using the full-scale actual ACT tests we provide and the user-friendly review materials we have developed over many years.
  • Individual sessions are usually NOT needed after other options IF you practice.

     Reading & Science:

    Our "find the clues, find the answers"     
    approach has been VERY successful helping     
    students finish these fast-paced sections and 
    scoring up to 11 points higher, with MANY 
    improving 4-6 points.

        English and Math:                       

    We review concepts, often learned much earlier, 
    that students need to know to do well in these
    sections.  M
ost students have learned the     
    concepts previously, but some are often “fuzzy” 
    in their minds.

    English includes about 20 grammar concepts & 
    half dozen special ACT questions about
Math includes 30+ Algebra, Geometry and    
Algebra II concepts. 

   Unlike some other companies:

  • We do not obligate you to contracts.
  • We do not drag out our lessons just to make them cost more. 
  • We do not believe parents need to pay us to watch the student practice. 
  • We keep our fees low to help students and families.   
  • We welcome comparisons to other companies. 
  • Our experience, materials, methods and knowledge of the test are second to none

4. SAT Tutoring 
Individual Sessions  


  • Math (calculator & non-calculator in one session)
  • Reading (very specific tips for certain types of questions)
  • Writing/Language (very similar to ACT English). 
  • SAT Math and Reading are like ACT in some ways but very different in others.

        $110 per session
Cash or check at each session
You need to purchase The Official Guide to SAT and save Practice Test 1 for use in our sessions.


 The BEST College Counseling and 
Application Assistance 
for MUCH Less:
BOTH Rich and Kristy have been the recipients of Ohio’s Top Award for admissions professionals given annually to only one person.

  • We have over 60 years of college counseling experience between us.
  • We are still very active in our professional organization.
  • We have worked very successfully with thousands of students and hundreds of colleges.
  • We have visited more than 500 nationally, including most selective schools.
  • We can help with the whole college exploration, selection and application process.
  • We will help you develop a very competitive application package (Common App, essays, resume, and activity list).
  • We do NOT require a contract or a certain # of sessions.
  • You get both of us for the price of one, because that's the way we like to work.


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